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Innovative Healthcare

David Nachtigal, PT, RCP

The original founder of of Physical & Respiratory Therapy Services, LLC,  David Nachtigal, PT/RCP, opened for business in 1975 in order to bring high quality care to rural areas. He assembled a team of highly qualified physical, occupational, and respiratory therapists as well as personal trainers.
January 2016 his practice merged with the management of RehabVisions,


Soon after in 1983, Dave started a respiratory company, Personal Care, Inc.

As a respiratory therapist himself, he saw the need for oxygen services in this community.  As the awareness of sleep apnea grew over the last 15 years, CPAP treatment has crept its way to a front runner with the company.  He employs very talented medical staff that can assist with care and educate in the respiratory field.   

During one of his own orthopedic surgeries, Dave met a highly recommended orthopedic surgeon Dr. Daniel Samani, MD. From his personal experiences, Dave felt that it was important to bring this talented surgeon to Northeast Kansas and Southeast Nebraska. to offer his care to our patients requiring orthopedic consultations or surgeries.  It is an amazing opportunity for our smaller communities to have this innovative surgeon.

Upon recommendation of a local friend, an amazing naturopathic doctor was added in 2010, Dr. Alicia Johnson, ND, of Aspire Health. .
She helps patients understand their conditions in order to heal. She uses nutritional treatments, dietary changes, herbs, vitamins, acupuncture, counseling, and specialized testing to help each patient.
Dr. Johnson offers a service that is new to rural areas and we appreciate this new approach to medicine.


Massage therapy has always been a staple in the building. In 2017 Dave received a call from a very knowledgeable massage therapist with an established practice of over 10 years in Missouri. She was looking to move to Hiawatha with her family.  What an wonderful addition Betty Dvorak, LMT has been!  She has a vast knowledge of modalities to heal your body and soul.   

In 2019 Advanced Dermatology joined the Hiawatha Medical Wellness Center.  There was a definite need dermatology in Hiawatha. Dr. Melody Stone and Amy Horner, PA-C see dermatology patients at this  location. offering big city quality with a small town feel.  

Last but definitely not least, our salon experts!  Amy Nichols, Cosmetologist of Mane Street Salon and Shirley Hansen, Nail Tech of Bling on the Nails are a joy to have in the building.  These gals know their stuff and have such a friendly upbeat clientele.  Hair and nail care are such an important part of our health as well. 

The best part about this building is the community we have with all of our staff.  We are truly a healthcare family and we invite you to stop and check us out anytime.